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Streaming TV may be the (relatively) new kid on the digital advertising

block but it is already making its presence felt with an increasing

number of brands adopting the medium into their advertising efforts.

Blayed Media has taken the concept to the next level with Advert.


what makes us different?

It's Our Tech.

We built and operate proprietary Digital Signal Processors (DSP) technology designed specifically for Over-The-Top (OTT) & Connected TV (CTV). Everything we do, from the way we directly source and curate premium inventory, to our real-time campaign optimization, to our robust reporting interface speaks volumes to our deep focus on OTT & CTV.


we're customizable.

Need a curated list of inventory placements? A custom targetable audience segment? Mid-campaign creative changes? Custom real-time reporting? We work strategically with you to offer the ultimate platform solution.


we're fast & flexible.

When it comes to handling complex campaigns, nothing beats a direct path between customer service and the underlying technology that delivers the results. It’s about fast turnaround, no intermediaries necessary. The team that operates our proprietary buying platform on your behalf is part of the same team that built the technology. They do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. High tech, high touch.

reach your audience at scale with
Blayed Media's dsp

Our extensive ad reporting tool supplies audience insights and key metrics for your OTT/CTV ad campaign.

These detailed audience insights empower you to adjust your campaigns to maximize your advertising and save money.

With the help from our professional Advert™ management team, you can determine KPIs to scale significantly greater campaign performance and improved results.

Blayed Media's Industry-Leading

OTT Advertising Dashboard

We allow our clients access to view our dashboard to track key metrics such as:

  • Reach

  • Impressions

  • Frequency

  • CVR & Placement Data

  • Audience & Geo Mix

measure your advertising with
powerful metrics

Blayed Media can easily reach your desired audience inside every DMA or location, from states and regions all the way down to postal code.

Our platform offers audience targeting based on household and consumer trends such as interests, behaviors, in-market buyers and more. It pairs IP addresses to houses in order to identify buying habits, interests, and unique traits of consumers.

Customize your OTT/CTV advertising campaign with advanced audience targeting and reach your goals.

deliver your ads to 300+
Premium Content Providers

Advert delivers your advertising campaigns to curated inventories focused on premium content providers that your audience enjoys.

Our curated ad inventory is built from over 300 partnerships with highly tristed and popular media companies and suppliers. This guarantees that your advertising campaigns only run in qualified placements.


Start advertising across popular OTT/CTV content with our powerful DSP powered by Advert!

  • TV Shows & News Outlets

  • Streaming Movies & Documentaries

  • Sporting Events

  • Live & Video-On-Demand (VOD) Content


we partner with the industry's best to offer this comprehensive, cutting-edge platform.

  • What social media platforms are included with Prism™?
    The Prism™ service is focused on Facebook™ and/or Instagram™, depending on the Prism™ plan that you choose. However, our Prism™ Perk, Extra Platform, does allow you to bundle an additional social media platform with your Prism™ service plan. This additional platform can be, but not limited to, Facebook™, Instagram™, TikTok™, Twitter™ and more.
  • Can my competition within my industry hire Blayed Media, too?
    If you hire Blayed Media to manage your social media content with Prism™, you get to enjoy geographical exclusivity for a 25-mile radius to your location! We will NOT accept another client within your industry, even if they are under the same franchise. We will only accept another client if they are a coworker. For example, we can and will manage multiple insurance agents within the same insurance firm, but NOT insurance agents from other insurance firms, even if they are under the same franchise.
  • What if I want to downgrade or upgrade my Prism™ service plan?
    You may want to downgrade or upgrade your Prism™ service plan for multiple reasons, and yes, you may do so prior to your next month of service. You can NOT downgrade your Prism™ service plan in the midst of current service, but you CAN upgrade at a pro-rated cost.
  • What if I want to skip one or more months of Prism™ service?
    You are free to skip one or more months of Prism™ service at your own choice based on our Prism™ service guarantee: No contracts. Cancel anytime. Pick it back up anytime. This ensures that you and your money are free from fixed term obligation. When you're ready to return, just send us an email or call us directly! Please be aware that if you do discontinue Prism™ service with Blayed Media, this DOES leave your spot exposed to be filled with another competitor within your industry. However, if you belong in a company where your coworkers have also hired us, your spot is SAFE!
  • Can I purchase additional Prism™ Perks to include on my service plan?
    Depending on the service plan that you purchase, you may select up to two FREE Prism Perks. Other Perks may benefit your unique situation as well, which is why we DO allow our clients to purchase extra Perks at an additional cost. For pricing, please send us an email or call us directly!
  • Can I request a Prism™ service refund?
    Refunds can only be processed within one week from the first day of the month of service. After one week, you are obligated to finish out the month of service purchased. This policy ensures that you and your money are free from fixed term obligations based on our Prism™ service guarantee: No contracts. Cancel anytime. Pick it back up anytime.

FAQS ABOUT advert™

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