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Whether you need compelling ad copy, an engaging website, or an eye-catching magazine layout, we have the professional expertise and creative talent to deliver the perfect solution for your business. With Inkwell by Blayed Media, you'll benefit from our wide range of writing and design services, including scriptwriting, document design, and much more. Trust us to help you stand out in the crowded world of modern advertising.



We're committed to providing you with content that goes beyond mere words on a page. Our team of skilled content writers are seasoned experts in crafting copy that not only captures your audience's attention, but drives meaningful customer engagement and ultimately converts readers into loyal customers. From the first word to the last, we are always laser-focused on your goals and committed to delivering content that exceeds your expectations. Choose us as your go-to partner for all your content needs, and see the results you've been waiting for.

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At Blayed Media, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled personalized service that is guaranteed to surpass our competitors. With unlimited revisions to ensure your satisfaction, and the option for a discounted trial, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of editorial review and attention to detail possible. Choose Inkwell by Blayed Media, and experience the difference of working with an agency that truly cares about your success.


With our exclusive volume deals, we promise to provide you with an outstanding writing service experience at a rate that meets both your content goals and budget constraints. Trust us to be your partner in crafting content that excites and resonates with your target audience, without having to break the bank.

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  • What social media platforms are included with Prism™?
    The Prism™ service is focused on Facebook™ and/or Instagram™, depending on the Prism™ plan that you choose. However, our Prism™ Perk, Extra Platform, does allow you to bundle an additional social media platform with your Prism™ service plan. This additional platform can be, but not limited to, Facebook™, Instagram™, TikTok™, Twitter™ and more.
  • Can my competition within my industry hire Blayed Media, too?
    If you hire Blayed Media to manage your social media content with Prism™, you get to enjoy geographical exclusivity for a 25-mile radius to your location! We will NOT accept another client within your industry, even if they are under the same franchise. We will only accept another client if they are a coworker. For example, we can and will manage multiple insurance agents within the same insurance firm, but NOT insurance agents from other insurance firms, even if they are under the same franchise.
  • What if I want to downgrade or upgrade my Prism™ service plan?
    You may want to downgrade or upgrade your Prism™ service plan for multiple reasons, and yes, you may do so prior to your next month of service. You can NOT downgrade your Prism™ service plan in the midst of current service, but you CAN upgrade at a pro-rated cost.
  • What if I want to skip one or more months of Prism™ service?
    You are free to skip one or more months of Prism™ service at your own choice based on our Prism™ service guarantee: No contracts. Cancel anytime. Pick it back up anytime. This ensures that you and your money are free from fixed term obligation. When you're ready to return, just send us an email or call us directly! Please be aware that if you do discontinue Prism™ service with Blayed Media, this DOES leave your spot exposed to be filled with another competitor within your industry. However, if you belong in a company where your coworkers have also hired us, your spot is SAFE!
  • Can I purchase additional Prism™ Perks to include on my service plan?
    Depending on the service plan that you purchase, you may select up to two FREE Prism Perks. Other Perks may benefit your unique situation as well, which is why we DO allow our clients to purchase extra Perks at an additional cost. For pricing, please send us an email or call us directly!
  • Can I request a Prism™ service refund?
    Refunds can only be processed within one week from the first day of the month of service. After one week, you are obligated to finish out the month of service purchased. This policy ensures that you and your money are free from fixed term obligations based on our Prism™ service guarantee: No contracts. Cancel anytime. Pick it back up anytime.

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