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The new age of success is here.


Businesses ranging from lawn maintenance to lawyers are scoring TOP DOLLAR upfront for services that used to be purchased at $175 an hour.

The issue with “everyone doing it too” is that the craze of competitors hopping onto the same trend is over-saturating the market and making it hard to get found.

What started as a great opportunity for experts and consultants, has now become a scorching hot money machine for elite level marketers to swing in, hire some talent, and rake up easy cash…

Unfortunately, that’s causing experts and businesses like yourself to need professional marketing skills to even get the opportunity to sell your services… and those pros are EXPENSIVE.

What once started as a great opportunity is quickly fading as every day it’s becoming harder for your message to be heard.

Want to know something, though?

I’m going to catch you up to speed on a NEW way to cut through the noise in ANY market, no matter how saturated you think it is…

In our FREE presentation, you’re going to discover a new marketing method called “Master Client Generation” that’ll generate INSTANT sales surges for any high ticket offer that you could possibly promote.

It’s worked for everything from real estate to construction contractors, to business consulting and online courses…

If you’ve got a service or product that you’re looking to sell at top dollar, then our FREE presentation can show you how to fill your calendar with new sales opportunities and potentially lifelong clients!

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Still Not Convinced?

We've got 2.9 BILLION reasons why you DON'T want to miss out on this massive market of READY TO GO prospects!

Updated: April 3, 2022

In our FREE presentation, you're going to learn how to get more customers, clients, and sales than you can possibly imagine using THE number one proven method in all of marketing.

Facebook Ads.

Over 2.9 BILLION people are active across the Meta Family of Apps.

And don't worry, Blayed Media boasts in transparency. Which is why we're going to cut right to the point:

We hate junk email as much as you do and will NEVER spam you with junk.

Not unless you want us to. 

All kidding aside, you'll hardly hear from us unless we write something new to share that we feel you could benefit from.


If you sign up for our email list today, you will ONLY receive our Free Presentation and sometimes special emails that offer VALUE to you and your business, brand, or service.


For example, an email about our Master Client Generation e-book


Yeah. It's a damn good book.

Now, getting back to that FREE presentation...

Facebook Ads: THE number one proven marketing method for any business, brand, or service.

A lot of people talk lately about how "Facebook Ads just aren't a thing anymore", "Facebook Ads are over-saturated", or "the days of using Facebook for leads are over".

If you're one of those people, respectively, our presentation will show you how you and thousands of other folks are wrong.

Over 2.9 BILLION people are active across the Meta Family of Apps. Using Facebook Ads will help you grow your business.

Reach new customers.

Establish business relationships that lasts for a lifetime.

What businesses WOULDN'T want this?

We'll tell you what businesses...


Only the ones that don't advertise correctly and FAIL.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20% of small businesses in the U.S. end up failing within a year.


After five years, around 50% fail, and after 10 years, only 30% are still running.


Once you pass the 15 year mark in business you still only have a 25% chance of surviving.

If you can't put forth the small effort to obtain FREE information that you can use to harbor the success of your business, why are you even in business?

Please don't spend another single cent on Google or Facebook Ads until AFTER you view our presentation!

Our presentation will be one of, if not THE, most important presentations you will EVER view.

Here's why...

The cost per click on Google and Facebook has increased by an average of 468% in the last 4 years!

And it's only going to get worse! Way worse.

We don't think there's a need to tell you why that's potentially a horrible thing for you as a business, but...

This page holds the key to exactly what to do in 2022.

If you utilize this information, you will actually welcome the increased cost of traffic!

You will learn ways to literally treat the market as your personal vending machine.

Put your money in...

Pull the lever...


Hot, ready-to-buy customers will fight to get your service or product.

And even better, you get to learn how for FREE. 

Be quick!
FREE spots are almost gone!

Our FREE presentation is yours 100% free.

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Our presentation will only be free for so much longer.

Get it now before we take down this link and start charging for it.

Be quick!
FREE spots are almost gone!

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