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META is DOWN: Users Report “Session Expired” & Cannot Log Back In

In a wave of concern and frustration, users across Facebook and Instagram have taken to social media to report problems with accessing Meta sites, sparking fears of potential hacking incidents. A source inside Facebook said that the company's internal systems were down, which may have led to Tuesday's outage. While these reports remain unofficially unconfirmed by Meta, the widespread nature of the issues have left many users feeling unsettled.

According to Down Detector, a website monitoring service, hundreds of thousands of users have encountered difficulties accessing Meta-owned platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. The outage appears to be affecting users across the entirety of the USA, as illustrated by maps depicting the extent of the disruption.

Posts on various social media platforms reflect the magnitude of the situation. One user shared on X (formerly Twitter), “Has Facebook just booted anyone else out of their account and keeps giving random error messages anytime you try to log back in or is it just me? #Facebook #Facebookdown.”

Another user expressed concern, questioning, “Has Facebook been hacked? It has closed out and tells you to log back in. When you try, states the password is wrong.”

A newly released map provides insight into the areas experiencing the most significant impact, particularly along the West Coast. Hotspot areas such as Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles have reported a high volume of issues with accessing the platform, as indicated by data from Down Detector.

While reports indicate disruptions to Instagram as well, the cause of these issues remains unknown at this time.

As users navigate these technical challenges, it is essential to remain vigilant and follow updates from official sources. We urge affected individuals to exercise caution and await further information regarding the status of Meta sites.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as they become available.

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